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R.S. Credentialing Process

Credential Renewal- How it Works

At the end of the two-year credential cycle, all FEHA RS/REHPs must have submitted certification via the online submittal form for the appropriate number of contact hours and have paid the appropriate renewal fees. If you are a FEHA member, or sign up for a free RS Member account, you can keep track of your own hours and compare it to the hours on file with the RS Board.   

For renewing R.S.'s, a total of thirty (30) continuing educational contact hours are due by end of 2024.  

Newly registered professionals have to meet prorated contact hours for each 3-month period.

For more information regarding Contact Hours please review the continuing education procedures document.

How to Submit your Continuing Education (CE) Credits

  1. Go to Contact Hour Submission Page
  2. Fill out and submit the online form for each eligible course.   See the submittal form for an explanation of what is an eligible course.
  3. If you have an account on the FEHA website, go into your profile and update your hours in the "RS Continuing Education Hours" field.  We will periodically update the "RS Board Submitted Hours" field and should match the number of hours you have entered within a month after submittal
  4. If you do not have an account on the FEHA website, we recommend you sign up for a free RS Member account where you can keep track of your own hours and compare it to the hours on file with the RS Board. This also allows you to keep your contact information up-to-date and ensure you receive the latest RS news.
IMPORTANT: Keep copies of all supporting documentation (i.e. certificate of completion, course agenda, etc).  If you are audited, you will need to submit this information.

Audit Procedures and Process

Since you will be submitting your submissions electronically, we will no longer require you to submit supporting documentation (i.e. certificate of completion, course agenda, etc). However, we do require that you keep a record of the supporting documentation, as we will be randomly auditing individuals to provide such documentation on a biannual basis (please see below where it outlines the audit procedures and processes). Notice will be sent to individuals in January and July each year if you are chosen for an audit. Those selected for an audit will have 6 months to provide the appropriate documentation to FEHA.

  1. Notice will be sent in July, six months, prior to the end of the biennial period. All those chosen at random will have until December 31st to supply all documentation (i.e. course agenda, certificate of completion, etc) for their CE submissions for their two-year credential period, to FEHA.
  2. If you are chosen for an audit your credential will go into an active- in audit mode until the audit window closes., You will have 3 months to provide credential renewal fees and supporting documentation for CE submissions (that should still fall within your two-year credential period) without being penalized. Your credential will remain in the active- in audit mode even after your expiration date, as you will be in the audit process.  We will conduct the same style audit during each biennium.
  3. If an individual cannot provide supporting documentation for a continuing education submission he/she will not be given credit for those hours.
  4. If an individual falls short of meeting the minimum CE hour requirement for the credential (30 hours for renewals) and/or does not submit the appropriate renewal fees, he/she will be entered into a ONE TIME grace period that can last for a period of up to 60 days from their credential expiration date. At the end of the grace period all appropriate fees and continuing education hours must be received by FEHA in order to maintain active status of the registration.  If a registration holder fails to submit the appropriate fees and continuing education hours prior to the end of the grace period, his/her credential will be inactivated. In order to re-obtain the credential, the individual may have to reapply and retake the examination.
  5. If an individual is chosen for an audit, it does not preclude him/her from being chosen again for another audit (the next time the credential would be up for expiration). Audit participants are chosen at random. Therefore it is possible to be chosen for an audit more than one time.

 Please keep copies of your CE Submissions and supporting documentation for your records.

Need help?  Have questions?  Contact:

Bob Vincent, R.S. and Trisha Dall, R.S., Co-Chairs
FEHA Registration Board

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