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FEHA Bucks Rewards Program

Earn your way to the FEHA AEM or pay for your membership with FEHA Bucks!

FEHA Bucks Program Overview:

                Earning FEHA bucks is a fun and easy way to earn reward bucks that can be used for AEM admission, FEHA membership and other FEHA related activities. Simply earn FEHA bucks doing the activities listed in the chart below and redeem them for a variety of FEHA related activities.

                The best part about earning FEHA bucks is that each activity that you complete helps FEHA promote environmental health and safety, generate new members, put on amazing events and educational sessions and publish FEHAs journal, The Florida Journal of Environmental Health.

                To redeem your bucks simply fill out the form on the FEHA Bucks Website or contact FEHA Executive Director, Michael Crea.


Amount of FEHA Bucks Earned

Submit a journal article for the FEHA Journal

20 Bucks

Bring in a new paying member

4.5 Bucks

Bring in a free 1st year member

1 Buck

Sell a 1/8-page journal article

10 Bucks

Sell a 1/4-page journal article

12.5 Bucks

Sell a ½ page journal article

20 Bucks

Sell a full-page journal article

30 Bucks

Sell an Exhibit Booth for the AEM

25 Bucks

Sell a Platinum Sponsorship for the AEM

300 Bucks

Sell a Silver Sponsorship for the AEM

150 Bucks

Sell a Bronze Sponsorship for the AEM

100 Bucks

Sell a Snack Time Sponsorship for the AEM

50 Bucks

Speak or moderate at the AEM or a District Meeting

10 Bucks

Volunteer at the AEM

10 Bucks


How much is each FEHA buck worth? A FEHA buck is equivalent to $1 USD. You may exchange you FEHA bucks for anything FEHA has to offer, including AEM admission, FEHA Membership, District meetings, FEHA merchandise and even HOTEL ROOM nights at the AEM!

Can I trade my FEHA bucks for cash? No. However FEHA bucks are the next best thing to cash. FEHA bucks are valid for FEHA events, merchandise and other FEHA related items. You cannot trade them for cash. However, can you really put a price on the educational opportunities that FEHA has to offer?

How do I sell an exhibit booth or sponsorship? You don’t have to actually “sell” the exhibit booth, sponsorship or journal advertising yourself if you do not feel comfortable doing so. You can email all the information for the company that you believe would benefit from advertising, sponsoring or exhibiting with FEHA and we will take care of the rest. If that company ends up purchasing advertising, sponsorships or exhibit space you will be notified and issued the FEHA bucks. Please remember to send us the companies name, website and contact information for the person at the company responsible for their marketing. This information can be emailed to

How do I bring in new members? FEHA has several types of memberships. If a new member is signing up on our website, when they are filling out the member application, there is a section that says “How did you hear about FEHA?” Just tell your friend to write your name in that box and we will apply the FEHA bucks credit to your account. If you have a new member that wishes to sign up for the free 1 year membership, the new members name, phone number and email address must be emailed to in order to be manually added to the system and issued the free 1 year membership. Remember for each free member you bring on board you will earn a FEHA buck. So be sure to get as many of your co-workers to sign up as you can. You can also download the new member form, request a new member form be emailed to you or hard copies of the flyer can be mailed to you. These forms can then be scanned and sent to

Is there a limit to the amount of FEHA bucks I can earn? The possibilities are endless when it comes to FEHA bucks! You can earn as many as you want, and they DO NOT expire!

Can I Donate or transfer my FEHA bucks to another person? YES! You may donate or transfer your FEHA bucks to another person. You can help someone attend the AEM either in part or in full or you can use the FEHA bucks to buy someone a gift, you can combine your FEHA bucks with another person or give them away to anyone you wish!

Who do I contact if I have more questions about the FEHA Bucks program or to find out how many FEHA bucks I have in my account? You can email with any questions about the FEHA bucks program or to find out the balance of your FEHA bucks account.

Current FEHA Bucks Reward Redemption Options

AEM Admission: 180 FEHA Bucks

Half off AEM Admission: 90 FEHA Bucks

1 Night Hotel Stay during the AEM: 160 FEHA Bucks

1 Scout Admission to the Public Health Merit Badge Day: 10 FEHA Bucks

FEHA Baseball Cap: 25 FEHA Bucks

FEHA Lapel pin from previous FEHA events: 5 FEHA Bucks

Sponsor a Boy Scout for the Public Health Merit Badge Day: 10 FEHA Bucks

Sponsor a student to attend the AEM: 90 FEHA Bucks

Sponsor an Environmental Health Professional to attend the AEM: 180 FEHA Bucks

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