FEHA Awards

FEHA awards represent the highest honor that may be awarded by the association to deserving members. The purpose of the awards is to recognize environmental health professionals who demonstrate an extraordinary dedication to public health. The awards present each district with an excellent opportunity to acknowledge quality contributions made by their members. There is no limit to the number of candidates or awards categories for which a district may submit candidates. 

  • The Rookie of the Year Award recognizes the exemplary contributions of new environmental health professionals.
  • The Outstanding Environmental Health Professional Award recognizes the outstanding accomplishments of environmental health professionals, that have occurred during the past year.
  • The Charlie Rhodes Award recognizes the outstanding contributions, over a period of time (more than one year), of Registered Environmental Health Professionals.
  • The Billy G. Tennant Award recognizes accomplishments, which have occurred over a long period of time (more than one year), of environmental health professionals.

Special Awards
may be submitted for individuals who have made outstanding contributions to public health that may not fit into the other awards categories, e.g., Industry Award.

Anyone interested in nominating a fellow FEHA member for any of the awards listed above should complete the nomination form and forward it to their district chairperson to review.  District chairpersons should review the nomination form and if in agreement, sign in the appropriate location and forward all necessary information to Zhan Bennett at the following address:
FEHA Awards Committee
c/o Zhan Bennett
900 University Blvd. North Suite 300
Jacksonville, FL 32211

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